Environment, Energy, Climate Change and Low Carbon Economy

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Preserving the Buzz: BeeConSel’s Journey Towards Sustainable Bee Breeding

In the world of honey bees, genetic erosion poses a looming threat, especially as we confront the challenges of a changing climate. Locally adapted...

Groundwater – shared treasure and joint responsibility (EU-WATERRES)

EU-WATERRES project focusing on shared groundwater sources, known as aquifers, has shown how various countries like Norway, Poland, Ukraine, Latvia and Estonia can work...

BLUE-GREENWAY Capitalisation Final Event 2023

"BLUE-GREEN WAY Project Capitalisation Event - Innovative solutions for improving the environmental status of eutrophic and anoxic coastal ecosystems. "  The Capitalisation Final Event took place...

User4GeoEnergy Project final conference

The implementation of the substantive program established in the User4GeoEnergy project has been completed, and the achieved effects and results were presented at the...

BeeConSel Perspectives

The year is running out and so is the project. Only close to the end one realizes that the great team we built has...