Name of the lead partner organisation: Polish Geological Institute – National Research Institute

Country of the lead partner organisation: Poland

Project summary:

The EU-WATERRES project has been officially launched on September 1, 2020 under the leadership of Polish Geological Institute – National Geological Institute (PGI-NRI). All together nine partners from five countries (Poland, Norway, Latvia, Estonia, and Ukraine) have joined their forces to improve the management of transboundary groundwater resources in two geographical regions: Baltic and Eastern Europe. 

The project aims to increase the capacity of public authorities to manage transboundary groundwater resources by creating an integrated information platform, introducing new data analysis tools and solutions for coordinated management and integrated groundwater protection. The overall awareness of groundwater resources protection will be increased during variety of public events organized for stakeholders to tackle each specific project target group.

Project outcomes will enhance coordination, improved international cooperation transboundary groundwater resource quantitative and qualitative management and control. Planned numerous educational activities are aimed at raising public awareness of the issues of transboundary impacts on groundwater. The EU-WATERRES project is a forerunner in the creation of a universal tool supporting strategic decision making in the context of groundwater management in border areas.

The specific objectives of the EU-WATERRES are:

  • creating a geoinformatic platform for integrated data processing defining the conditions of transboundary aquifers and their numerical simulation,
  • support for decision makers in creating solutions for the coordinated use and integrated protection of transboundary groundwater,
  • creating the basis for coordinating procedures for monitoring of transboundary groundwater flows,
  • increasing the credibility of the assessment of the state of transboundary groundwater by integrating data,
  • testing solutions in 3 case studies within the EU and 1 case study in Ukraine.

Target groups:

  • Managers in the water management and environmental protection sector.
  • Municipal enterprises providing water supply services.
  • Practitioners, geological companies.
  • Scientists.
  • Non-governmental organizations.

Project Partners: 

Polish Geological Institute – National Research Institute, Poland
State Enterprise “Ukrainian Geological Company”, Ukraine
Geological Survey of Estonia, Estonia
Subsidiary enterprise “Zakhidukrgeologiya” of the National Joint-Stock Company “Nadra Ukrainy”, Ukraine
Intergraph Polska Sp. z o.o., Poland
University of Latvia, Latvia
The Institute of Geology and Geochemistry of Combustible Minerals of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ukraine
Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre, Latvia
Geological Survey of Norway, Norway

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