Groundwater – shared treasure and joint responsibility (EU-WATERRES)


EU-WATERRES project focusing on shared groundwater sources, known as aquifers, has shown how various countries like Norway, Poland, Ukraine, Latvia and Estonia can work together to tackle water challenges. This initiative stands out because it has found new ways to manage and protect these hidden water supplies crucial for life, agriculture, and ecosystems.

In the heart of the project: sharing knowledge and data

One of the project’s key achievements is building a detailed knowledge base about transboundary aquifers. The project has created a map portal called MapPortal by collecting and sharing data. This tool makes it easy for everyone to access information about groundwater. This is important because having the right information helps make better decisions about using and protecting water.

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Using technology to keep water safe

The project has brought in new technology to better monitor groundwater. These modern systems can now track water conditions in real-time. This means we can quickly respond to any risks, like pollution or overuse, helping keep our water supplies safe for the future.

Overcoming challenges together

Despite facing big challenges, like the COVID-19 pandemic and political issues, the project stayed on track. It showed that working together, even when it’s tough, can lead to great results. This teamwork has made the project stronger and more flexible.

Beyond borders: making a lasting impact

The project has done more than just improve how we manage groundwater; it’s changing how we think about and act on environmental issues. It’s a model for future projects, showing how cooperation can lead to better environmental policies and actions.

Presenting project at the first Groundwayer Summit in Paris

Involving Everyone

A big reason for the project’s success is its effort to involve local communities, governments, and experts. By holding workshops and meetings, it made sure that many different voices were heard. This approach has helped build strong support for protecting our water.

Presenting project is South Africa conference

Looking Forward

This initiative is more than just a success story; it’s a guide for future efforts to protect our environment. It shows that working together, using new technology, and involving everyone can help us take care of our most important resource: water.

In short, Eu-WATERRES project has not just met its goals but has also inspired new ways to think about and work on water issues. It proves that collaboration and innovation can lead to real solutions for protecting our water supplies. 

Thank you from EU-WATERRES team!

We extend our deepest gratitude to the governments of Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein for their generous grants, which have been instrumental in the success of our project. Additionally, we are immensely thankful to the Regional Funds Online Magazine for their unwavering support and for spotlighting our efforts.


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