BLUE-GREENWAY Capitalisation Final Event 2023


“BLUE-GREEN WAY Project Capitalisation Event – Innovative solutions for improving the environmental status of eutrophic and anoxic coastal ecosystems. ” 

The Capitalisation Final Event took place on Tuesday, 24th October 2023, from 09:45 to 16:30 at the premises of the European Public Law Organisation (EPLO), located at 2 Polygnotou and Dioskouron St., Plaka, 10555 Athens. 

The BLUE-GREEN WAY Capitalisation Event, supported by EEA Grants, was a resounding success in promoting innovative solutions for sustainable environmental management and addressing the complex issues associated with eutrophic and anoxic coastal ecosystems (EACEs). This event, organized by the European Public Law Organisation (EPLO) Circular Economy and Climate Change Institute in collaboration with Interreg Volunteer Youth, served as a vital platform for knowledge-sharing, transcending boundaries to engage individuals and organizations dedicated to environmental sustainability.

The event was attended by more than 60 participants, with 40 attending in person and the remainder joining remotely, from 12 countries. They comprehensively covered all critical issues about innovative solutions for improving the environmental status of eutrophic and anoxic coastal, and shared ideas and proposals related to the dissemination of the presented conclusions. 

Distinguished speakers addressed various facets of environmental sustainability. They explored the transformation of challenges into solutions, with a specific focus on eutrophication and its intersection with circular economy principles, particularly in the context of green procurement systems. A seminar was also conducted, shedding light on the utilization of the Blue-Greenway unified platform for e-procurements. The event emphasized the significance of clusters, living labs, and excellence hubs within the realm of the Twin Transition. Discussions revolved around the role of enterprises in the era of the circular economy, the imperatives of Climate Neutral Cities in the age of the Green and Blue Economies, the challenges and solutions associated with Circular Economy and the Climate Crisis.

Τhe event involved in the discussion the empowerment of youth, the analysis of skills required for the future, and the role of transnational projects. It delved into the critical role of Cohesion Policy in fostering innovation and highlighted the concrete achievements of successful Interreg projects. Moreover, it underscored the vital contribution of Interreg Volunteer Youth in reinforcing cohesion policies and advancing an innovative and sustainable economy. The event also explored the role of the youth in driving the green and digital transition and emphasized the importance of collaboration among interregional students.

Towards the conclusion of the Capitalisation event, teams of participants from CRESCENTO project (Interreg ADRION programme) and other initiatives presented innovative ideas in the realms of “green and blue” that hold the potential to materialize into transformative projects.

Indicative of the importance of the event were the attendance of Mr. George Kremlis, MoB EPLO, President of Institute of Circular Economy and Climate Change, EPLO, Mr. Gian Luca Bombarda, Fund’s Director, EEA & Norway Grants and Dr. Ioannis Sitaras, General Secretary of the Greek Chemists Association, Director of the Laboratories Accreditation Division of Hellenic Accreditation System.

Among others took part Mrs. Alexia Spyridonidou, Business Development Manager of Institute of Circular Economy and Climate Change, EPLO, Prof. Ierotheos Zacharias, Dpt. of Civil Engineering, University of Patras, Mr. Apostolos Karagiannakos, Head of Sustainable Development Department of the Greek Natural environment and climate change Agency (NECCA), Mr. Charis Xiarchis, Civil Engineer, Project Manager BLUE-GREENWAY, University of Patras, Mrs. Panayiota Venetsanou, Environmental Consultant, Atlantis Environment and Innovation, Prof. George Zalidis, Carbonica Hub of Excellence, Lab Director of Remote Sensing, Spectroscopy and G.I.S., Dpt. of Agriculture of the School of Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources, Aristotle University, Mr. Spyros Ignatiadis, Strategic Planning & Operations Manager – IDS – IDEA Group, Strategic planning advisor & EU coordinator of the Chamber of Small and Medium Industries of Thessaloniki – VETH, f. General Manager of the Greek Exporters Association – SEVE and Association of Information Technology Companies of 

Northern Greece-SEPVE, Prof. Simone Bastianoni, Environmental and Cultural Heritage Chemistry, University of Siena, Dr. Eleftheria Klontza, Environmental Scientist, University of the Aegean, Member of Board, Greek Natural environment and climate change Agency (NECCA), Mr. Dimitrios Panopoulos, Head of Labour market Analysis Unit, Greek Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Mr. Athanasios Kalogeras, Research Director at the Industrial Systems Institute of the Athena Research and Innovation Center, Mrs. Milena Pallotta, IVY Project Officer, Mr. Ioannis Mardikis, IVY Volunteer, Interreg Euro-MED Community4Innovation Project, Mr. Aggelos Kokkinis, f. president of the Board of European Students of Technology (BEST).

Overall, the BLUE-GREENWAY Capitalisation Event proved to be a highly positive and enriching experience for all participants, and the solutions proposed through the project have the potential to make a significant difference in addressing the problem of eutrophication in coastal ecosystems.

All the sessions of the BLUE-GREENWAY Capitalisation Event have been uploaded on demand on the Circle the Med platform.


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