Name of the lead partner organisation: SKC-Consulting Ltd.

Country of the lead partner organisation: Hungary

Project summary

The overall objective of the WINGATE project is to increase the number of successful women enterprises, especially on the innovation fields, contributing to competitiveness and equal opportunities. With the ongoing changes taking place in the world economy because of the revolutionary digital transformation, the Central-Eastern European region should close the gap by a new approach to the development of a fresh inflow of innovative female enterprise funders together with a female and male angel investors. 

For this reason, we would like to establish a cross-country collaboration among partners coming from Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Moldova and Norway as different partners bring in different competencies and best practices into the cooperation. Together we can develop a new methodology, train, and motivate a new generation of women entrepreneurs and smart angel investors. 

In order to achieve all the above targets on-line and off-line training, community building, go-to-market digital solutions will be provided for the beneficiaries. Extensive communication will be an enhanced part of the program. 

Another focus point of the program will address the needs of companies with the capability of scaling up across and beyond the participating countries thus increasing their global competitiveness by the following: 

  • The promotion of female entrepreneurship and trade; 
  • The promotion of financial inclusion 
  • Women empowerment 
  • Increase female participation in the field of innovation 

Expected changes 

  • improvement of engagement and participation of women in the innovative sectors and in Industry 4.0 on the international level 
  • raising the competitiveness of women-owned MSME-s 
  • ease the access to finance of women enterprises 
  • increase the sensibility of relevant decision-makers towards the female-owned enterprises, 
  • active involvement of stakeholders in women enterprise development 
  • network 
  • the awareness 
  • international visibility 
  • growth of the number of angel investors 

Transnational added value 

  • improve international awareness 
  • network building 
  • increase the number of innovative women enterprises 
  • inclusion of women-led businesses, in particular MSMEs, in value chains;

The new digital platform as a regional knowledge HUB (marketplace) provides a suitable, up-to-date appearance for the otherwise local and isolated companies and gives impetus to their internationalization, as an operating model to the future consumption 

Reaching the critical mass and visibility by the new network in the project will attract new participants and visitors of the platform which will ensure sustainability in the long run. 

Additionally, the growing visibility will attract new angel investors to the projects with high growth potential. The key to the sustainability to outline the WINGATE projects ars poetical which is “cooperation instead of competition”.


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