Celebrating innovation: let’s toast to your commitment


A Gratitude Note to all the members of the Regional Funds Family

Dear Friends,

I had just finished my studies when I joined the Fund Operator, and it is impressive to see how these group of people, together with You all, became a Family.

From behind the scenes of the Regional Funds Online Magazine, I am honored to extend heartfelt gratitude to each of You as we draw the curtain on this programming phase. I strongly believe that, during these years, we started from a simple pdf and then quickly embarked on a journey marked by a strong collaboration, and, if I may, relentless pursuit of excellence.

It is with immense pride that I, we reflect on the transformative impact each Project has had within this community. Your unwavering dedication to pushing boundaries and embracing creativity has not only elevated the quality of our collective efforts, but has also served as a beacon of inspiration for future initiatives (I hope, but I am sure about that).

Your support and engagement have been the cornerstone of the success of this virtual Mag, a space where we hope you also found ground for further visibility. Whether through active participation, sharing insights, or lending a helping hand to fellow members, your commitment to our shared vision has been unwavering. It is your passion and enthusiasm that fueled our collective momentum and propelled us towards greater heights.

I really wish this gratitude arrives to every member of our Family. Each Project has played a unique role in shaping our shared narrative, enriching our experiences, and fostering a culture of inclusivity and growth. I believe that we, all together, have witnessed firsthand the power of collaboration, fortified by our shared vision and unwavering commitment to excellence, beyond challenges. Because, I know, sometimes we have pushed you. But… I am not sorry about that J: our Mag is really an innovative product and I hope these efforts won’t be forgotten.

As we move into the next chapter of this journey, whichever it is, please carry forward the spirit of innovation and collaboration that defined us, pushing boundaries and exploring new horizons, thanks as well to a good level of optimism and enthusiasm!

On behalf of the Regional Funds Online Magazine, I extend my deepest gratitude to each person behind the Projects for being such invaluable members of our Family. Your dedication and engagement have been the driving force behind our collective success, and for that, we are really grateful.

Here’s to the memories we have created, the challenges we have overcome, and the bonds we have forged. May our journey ahead be filled with continued growth, prosperity, and endless possibilities.

With warmest regards,

Francesca Bombarda
Regional Funds Online Mag Editorial Team


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