European Year of Youth

  1. The main results of the European Year of Youth: key achievements/outcomes, any notable successes, milestones, or impactful initiatives

The European Year of Youth 2022 was a collective achievement. It mobilised the European Union institutions, Member States’ public authorities at different levels and youth stakeholders to seek new and effective ways to engage, connect and empower young people. The Year brought the EU, and the opportunities it creates, closer to young people.

More than 2,700 different stakeholders contributed to the objectives of the Year by organising more than 13,000 activities in 67 countries. The Regional Funds Online magazine and the Fund for Youth Employment were among them!

The Year included new initiatives inviting young people to speak up on what is important to them: policy dialogues between young people and Commissioners,Voice your vision platform, Youth Talks. The Commission launched youth networks such as the Bioeconomy Youth Ambassadors network, the Network of Young European Ambassadors to promote Holocaust remembrance, the Horizon Europe Young Observers, where the Commission invited over 127 Master-level students to attend and learn how EU research and innovation project proposals are evaluated and selected by Europe’s top scientists.

In the context of the European Year of Youth, the Commission launched initiatives, such as ALMA, an active inclusion scheme for disadvantaged young people, new European strategy for a better internet for kids (BIK+), the Green Track campaign and published new policy guidelines relevant for young people, for example the Council Recommendation on the mobility of young volunteersand the Council Recommendation on learning for environmental sustainability.

There are many more note-worthy achievements at European, national, regional and local level. I invite your readers to discover them in this report and in the infographic (available in the 24 EU official languages).   

  1. The EC perspective on how to sustain and further enhance the involvement of young people beyond the European Year of Youth, ensuring that young voices continue to be heard in policy-making processes.

The European Commission is committed to further delivering on young people’s expectations. On 10 January 2024 the Commission adopted a strategic document, which outlines 60 actions, which will give young people a greater say in EU policymaking and deepen the youth dimension in a range of EU policies.

We will build on the many existing initiatives and instruments, which are functioning well and are appreciated by young people, for example the EU Youth Dialogue and the European Youth Portal, and develop them further. We will also launch new actions, which were piloted in the Year of Youth (policy dialogues with Commissioners, EU youth stakeholders’ platform and European Commission Youth Network of youth correspondents).

The big novelty is the introduction of a youth check in the Commission to ensure that the effects of EU policies on youth are systematically taken into account when designing policies. The youth check will be implemented by making full use of the potential of the Better Regulation framework and consultation tools. It was young people, who launched the idea of a youth check. We listened to them. This is a concrete example that it is important to speak up. It is how you can influence the world around you.

  1. Next Steps? 

We have already launched the reflection process and setup of the new actions, mentioned above. We are piloting the youth check applying it to a planned Communication on a Blueprint towards a European degree.

We will continue to engage with young people and provide opportunities for them to voice their vision in shaping Europe. This is the aim of the 2024 European Youth Week, which will take place from 12 to 19 April.  Just two months ahead of the European elections scheduled to be held on 6 to 9 June 2024, this is an occasion to celebrate and promote among young people democratic participation and active citizenship.

Biliana Sirakova


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