The Youth Role in the Era of Blue and Green Economy BLUE-GREENWAY Capitalisation Event


Athens, Plaka, October 24, 2023 – The BLUE-GREENWAY Capitalization Event, presented the achievements of the BLUE-GREENWAY Project. It was an occasion that brought attention to the critical role that young people will play in forming the blue and green economies of the future. This event, which was made possible by EEA and Norway Grants Fund, for Regional Cooperation, brought together organizations, stakeholders, academia and young people who are all dedicated to promoting innovation and sustainability across national boundaries. 

The event was hosted by EPLO. The President of the Institute of Circular Economy and Climate Change at EPLO, Mr. George Kremlis, gave a hearty welcome. Prof. Ierotheos Zacharias and Prof. Yorgos Stephanedes from the University of Patras made the opening comments, presented the project and highlighted the importance of the occasion. Mr. Gian Luca Bombarda, Fund’s Director at EEA & Norway Grants, emphasized how crucial the BLUE-GREENWAY Capitalization Event is for environmental sustainability and regional collaboration.

Panelists, including Mrs. Anastasia Zacharopoulou, Mr. Dimitrios Rousseas, and Prof. Maria Papadopoulou, discussed innovative solutions in public procurement, environmental conservation, and agriculture. Presenters Mr. George Suciu, Mrs. Panayiota Venetsanou, and Mr. Charis Xiarchis discussed how to promote sustainable procurement practices and support clusters. Prof. Simone Bastianoni, Mr. Menelaos Gardikiotis, Mr. Spyros Ignatiadis, and Prof. George Zalidis were among the panelists who talked about the role that businesses and financial instruments play in advancing sustainability.Teams of participants from different projects, together with Mr. Dimitrios Panopoulos, Mr. Ioannis Mardikis, Mr. Aggelos Kokkinis, and Mr. Bård Wathne Tveiten, an IVY Project Officer, talked about investing in innovation, empowering youth, and the roles of Interreg-Youth Volunteers.

Youth Empowerment Takes the Central Stage

The dedication of the BLUE-GREENWAY Project to empowering the future generation was exemplified via the active participation of “Interreg Youth Volunteers”. The event proved to be evidence of the project’s success in fostering awareness among young individuals and motivating them to engage in concrete efforts aimed at protecting and restoring the environment. As discussions unfolded and panellists shared their insights, it was evident that BLUE-GREENWAY project’s engagement with young minds, under the guidance of Interreg Youth Volunteers, has kindled a fire of passion for environmental conservation. Through various activities, transfer seminars, and open discussions, the event served to promote the notion that young individuals have an obligation to play a leading role in the effort to protect our environment for future generations.

A Call to Action for Youth

The capitalization event for the BLUE-GREENWAY serves as a reminder that today’s youngsters hold the key to a sustainable future. It inspires youth to act, get involved in environmental concerns, and support programs that make the world a healthier place. The event delivers a strong message by showcasing the important contributions made by Interreg Young Volunteers: young ingenuity and devotion are essential in the effort to conserve and restore our environment. We should expect a better future from the new generations.

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