Professional practice and skills in the STEM field: Recording of audio-video content in the teaching base “Vinum Academicum”


The teaching base “Vinum Academicum” in Podgorje was visited by students studying Electronic Business and Software Engineering from the Faculty of Tourism and Rural Development in Požega. As part of the Professional Practice course in the second year of study, students work with three experts in three areas. One area covers graphic preparation and creation of graphic materials for company promotion, while in the other part of the practice they create short 2D animations. The third part includes the recording and processing of audio and video content, and on this occasion the students came to the premises of the teaching bases.

The task of the students was first of all to familiarize themselves with the “Vinum Academicum” teaching base, and to see it in the role of a client. In addition, they made a filming plan and filmed the process of filling the bottles. The students were divided into five groups, with each group including a cameraman, an audio technician and a recording assistant. Through the recording process, they got to know the audio and video equipment, as well as the lighting they used. Over the next few weeks, the students will process and edit the recorded material under the supervision of mentor Damjan Pirović, in order to complete the production of that part of the video content by the end of the semester. The process of creating promotional content for the educational base “Vinum Academicum” will continue in the next semester, during which the grape harvest and other technological processes in the cellar will be filmed.

In this way, students become familiar with all the steps that need to be taken in creating promotional video material. On the surface, it is a simple process that can be done with all smartphones, but if our goal is to get quality promo material, then it is a complex process that includes a number of important details that need to be taken care of. Fortunately, the mentor Damjan Pirović, who does that part of the practical classes with the students, is up to the task so that the students have the opportunity to learn from a real expert. Dario Hak, videographer and sound engineer from Požega, assisted him in the recording process.

In addition to the mentor, the teaching base also included the vice dean for development and business, Assoc. Ph.D. Berislav Andrlić, who pointed out that such activities train students to independently organize marketing campaigns, understand available digital tools, and use the Internet for advertising, which is one of the goals of the study supported by the Financial Agency FINA and the Ministry of Science and Education with their scholarships. Also he presented details about project „Uncorking rural heritage“.

In the teaching base with the students were also the practice managers Assoc. Ph.D.Sc. Robert Idlbek and assistant professor, Ph.D. Kristian Đokić, who state that they are extremely satisfied with this form of practical teaching, which takes place in the second year in the premises of the faculty and on the field. In this way, under controlled conditions, students acquire the skills and knowledge necessary for the labor market, which they will have the opportunity to demonstrate already in the third academic year as part of professional practice that takes place in the real sector, i.e. in companies.

Article and photo credit: Veleučilište u Požegi


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