Latvian State Environmental Service teams up with EU-WATERRES project to better manage polluted sites


EU-WATERRES project partner, the University of Latvia, just held a meeting with the State Environmental Service of Latvia, which is responsible for monitoring compliance with environmental regulations and managing of contaminated sites in Latvia. The partners discussed their ongoing projects and looked for common areas of collaboration, including the “Digital transformation of the contaminated site management model” project, which is being financed by the Norway grants. The polluted site data collected by the State Environmental Service will be incorporated into the EU-WATERRES MapPortal, which is still in development but can be already tested

Polluted sites pose a major risk for groundwater contamination. Thus, the management of contaminated sites is essential to ensure that groundwater resources (and drinking water) are protected from pollutants. Effective management of pollutant sites requires an understanding of their location, the type and extent of contamination, and potential risks to human health and the environment. Groundwater protection is not just essential for human health and the environment, but it also has economic implications and affects groundwater dependent ecosystems.

The activity goes in line with the currently ongoing WP5 that deals with the assessment of anthropogenic pressure impacts on groundwater state.

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