Network and Communication Transferring of the BLUE-GREENWAY Project


BLUE-GREENWAY Project in 2022 has participated i) in several International Scientific Conferences as presenters of scientific results produced within the Project, ii) at SMEs’ and Stakeholders’ external events with roll-up presence, iii) has organized two Open Day Events in Cyprus and Romania, iv) has organized two informative online workshops from Norwegian Partners and v) at a Circular Dialogue devoted to the Project within a famous International well known Mediterranean Conference where stakeholders, SMEs, Universities, and Policy Makers attended and participated. All the above actions have broadcasted the presence of the BLUE-GREENWAY in an international network!

In parallel, the Annual Seminar Event with the title “Celebrating the European Year of Youth”, organized by EEA and Norway Grants, has strengthened the communication of the Fund for Regional Cooperation and Fund for Youth Employment projects. The BLUE-GREENWAY Project was grateful to participate in the event recognizing that partnerships and cooperation are critical! The event allowed Projects of Regional Cooperation and Youth Employment to meet in person for the first time after covid-19 particular challenges and discuss coordinated approaches to surpass common challenges!

The BLUE-GREENWAY Project strongly supports exchanges with other Regional Cooperation Projects interested in water management, water pollution, and ecosystem-sustainable circular approaches for knowledge exchange. Our study has revealed that numerous Regional Areas suffer from eutrophication and can benefit from joining next year’s Living Labs, Workshops, or special visits in the Pilots of the Project.

In parallel, the BLUE-GREENWAY encourages young students to be involved in the Project’s scientific research. Within the Laboratory of Environmental Engineering of the University of Patras, students are encouraged to share their remarks, results, and comments with the rest of the team. The BLUE-GREENWAY Project aims to engage Youth in scientific research projects, from the initial planning and grant writing phases through project completion and dissemination of results. The BLUE-GREENWAY aspires to the notion that young scientists can offer valuable information in the development of scientific research. Developing a youth-friendly space defined by a safe, welcoming atmosphere in which the perspectives and contributions of all parties are acknowledged and valued is essential to engaging effectively for young researchers.

In the next period, the BLUE-GREENWAY Project will develop living labs to inspire action aligned with local communities and promote place-based environmental action, documenting sustainability efforts and learnings in the local context. Furthermore, developing inclusive insights on local environmental issues from various groups, connecting young people, and building networks among diverse environmental pathways will undoubtedly strengthen the positive footprint of the Project. In that way, the BLUE-GREENWAY suggests reconnecting with our roots, exploring what is around us — current efforts, issues, and opportunities, near and far and using imagination and foresight to shape inclusive futures. We encourage everyone interested to contact the Project in the email of Project and subscribe to our communication pages found at the end of the article.


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