What happens in the Reclaim Our Civil Space! project?


When we started our project we set our main objectives: mapping and training civil society actors of Middle- and Southeastern Europe, enhancing cooperation among them and advocating for a European civil society policy.

Since then we held our first meetings with local organisations in Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Repbulic and Poland, some recent events were already live gatherings with people finally meeting in person. These workshops are steps toward understanding the problems and opportunities of civic actors, helping participants to be active citizens on the long term through further events, training and mentoring.

We also set up a space which is dedicated for civil society organisations and helps them share their know-how. Besides inspiration it also provides useful insight to the civil societies of the participating countries.

The databank has been operational for a while now and as the project develops you will find more and more articles, analysis and multimedia content here.  Most recently we have added a series of videos featuring topics such as how to start a civil society organisation, the structural challenges of the civic sector in Serbia or telling the story of an initiative supporting neighborhood networks in the Czech Republic. And in all of them you can watch devoted members of civil societies who are determined to improve their communities! 

We came together because we believe that we can learn much from each other and together we can build a thriving civil space. There is plenty of work ahead and we are looking forward to it!


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