Újbuda was a great venue for the opening events in the Competence Project


6-7th December 2021 and 28th March 2022 in Budapest, Hungary

The first stakeholder conference of the Competence project took place in December 2021 in Budapest accompanied by a press conference. The online event was attended by the six partner organizations and the representatives of local public service providers as well as the Hungarian National Association of Local Authorities.

On day one, the participants listened to professional presentations about the district social service providers. Subsequently, the Norwegian Expertise Partner (Åpenhet) shared important information about the upcoming Internal Research within the partner organisations and the Action Plan.

On day two, the event continued with the kick-off meeting, where the project partners listened to presentations by the Lead Partner on the compilation of project materials while also asking technical questions about the eligibility and reporting rules related to the implementation of the project.

The project continued with the 1st Study Visit in March 2022, during which project partners were finally able to visit the main social service providers in the district in person as well.

The participants, most of whom themselves came from the field of human and social self-government services, gathered experience at the Újbuda Social Service Provider. At the headquarters of one of the most important municipal service providers in the district, they were able to learn about the performance of the institution, which employs about 120 people.

Then, the participants were able to get familiar with the service organization of the Újbuda Human Service Centre. The Centre is providing support and assistance to those affected by the protection of children at risk, fundraising for families in crisis, the provision of free legal advice, spiritual support and family therapy.

The partners have agreed to meet in May on the occasion of the 2nd study visit in Norway.


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