Uncorking wine & cider typicality project ‘all in one’ ePlatform

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OurUncorking rural heritage project work and team are supported by an advanced digital platform that comprehensively combines, in one place, state-of-the-art solutions for our team’s collaboration, information sharing, document management, communication with project members, partners and events, video communication, digital learning and a smart digital content library. We found this ‘all-in-one’ solution on the Slovenian market with MiTeam platform providers. We already knew the MiTeam platform from the time when we used it at the University of Nova Gorica for online learning and communication with our students (MiTeam UNG).Therefore, we were able to customise and implement it very quickly for project management and performance. The customization of the platform components to the project needs, collaboration with partners, knowledge transfer and sharing of best practises is one of the great advantages of this solution. Since the COVID -19 pandemic has severely impacted our personal work, the integrated digitalization of project work was a must from the very beginning. And we find that it is very helpful not only for project activities and workgroup performance, but also for management.

We also use the MiTeam-supported platform for our official website (winecider.net), which is open to the public. The internal pages of the platform allow for different types of remote and hybrid communication – for registered regular and occasional non-registered users. The platform also provides a tool that allows us to communicate extensively within our project team. We are also able to manage news, events, and announcements automatically from one place, which saves us a lot of time. All publications, news and events entered into the platform can be distributed to selected people or audiences through any communication channels, including social networks, in a very simple and user-friendly way.

The internal pages of the platform can be designed by different users with specific rights to customise the content and communication. The collaboration environment offers a comprehensive set of tools for document sharing, chats, postings, an active wall and video communication with secure and personalised groups across different workspaces and groups in a virtual environment that can fully reflect the organisational situation of the project. The system guarantees us the full security of the users’ applications.

The platform, with its rich and modern digital experience, also allows interactive teaching from any place and at any time, supporting different scenarios of distance learning and collaboration – the part that is important for the different users of our knowledge transfer activities. In addition, we can monitor each individual’s learning process through the integrated ‘Learning Record Shop’ module, but the platform also enables secure and GDPR-compliant monitoring of users’ activities, which is also very useful for project reporting.

In addition, the platform enables video conferencing between two users or a larger group, a live event and webinars that can be watched by thousands of people from anywhere, at any time and on any device in a secure environment. The platform has an integrated high-end video module based on the WebRTC standard that provides premium audio and video quality and supports a wide range of video collaboration scenarios. Video event presenters can easily control the flow of events, enabling the best performance for participants or performers.

The ePlatform allows us to build an intelligent digital library on public and internal sites supported by many types of content for non-formal learning (written, video, interactive). This is a great support for our knowledge sharing mission, but also for sharing information about the capacities of experts, partners and regions involved in the project in a very flexible and user-friendly way. The content of this library will be tailored and maintained by proven experts in the field and will be a good basis for future partnerships and project ideas, not only for project internal communication and collaboration.

The unique and flexible digital environment allows us to work better, save time and develop new digital materials or just collect already published material on the project’s topic. We are also testing the platform for knowledge transfer to the end users of the project results or simply as a communication tool for the topics discussed and addressed in the project activities. The customization of ourePlatform is an ongoing process and the result of collaboration between the MiTeam providers and the end users of the platform. We believe that this is a great advantage for the digitalization of project work, not only for us, but also for other potential users of such a service, who can make their decision based on our experiencein this project.

The text was created with the help of the MiTeam website.

Figure 1: Official web page of project winecider.net. build on MiTeam platform structure.
Figure 2: Internal winecider pages of the project ePlatform accesible upon registration and invitation to different virtual workspaces and groups designed upon project needs.
Figure 3: An example of colaboration tool – a registration form to join the event, material on winecider.net platform; Designed invitation to participate to Sensory panel at University of Nova Gorica that will be sent to different experts. 


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Branka Mozetič Vodopivec and Lorena Butinar
Wine Research Centre, University of Nova Gorica, Glavni trg 8, SI-5271 Vipava, Slovenia


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